Sunday, 27 March 2011

Make Advertisment, Make Money

Welcome!! Are you looking for some ways to generate some side income? Perhaps it can be your full time career if you are willing to work hard on it. This is a blog that shows you how to make money by creating your own advertisement.

This is a home-based job which you have to make some simple advertisements to attract people thus pour in some pocket money. You can work anytime as it does not take much time to make an advertisement.

  • must be 16 years old and above
  • have a bank account 
  • have an email account 
  • are accessable to internet 
  • able to read malay and english 

You do not need any experience or promoting skill for this job. What it takes is only the basic knowledge on sending email and writing an advertisement. Remember that you also must have a bank account to make some transactions.

How to get paid by making advertisment

For example, you have made an advertisement and each customer is charged for RM10. If the advertisement is able to attract 20 customers in a week, the income generated would be:

20 (customers) x RM10 (price of advertisement) = RM200 a week

It is all up to you all to fix the price of the advertisements. Your earning is depends on how many advertisment you made. You can make as many advertisment as you can. The harder you work, the greater your earning. Usually, we will be charging RM15 for every advertisement that we have made.

I would like to clarify that


No academic qualification will be required, but we hope to find a person who is honest, motivated and hardworking.

You will only be charged for RM15 once in a lifetime. This amount includes the registration fee and the cost of the material. Besides, it also includes assistance/enquiry and performance monitoring. Remember that you will not be charged again after the payment!

Once the payment is made, the registration process will be completed within 24 hours and you will receive the materials from us by email.

It includes comprehensive guidelines to show you step by step on how to start your work. Once you have created an advertisement, in most cases, you would receive your pay RM15 (RM15 ads price per customer) within 1 or 2 days. This means that you have gained back your modal and the rest of the income generated are going to be your net profits!!

Lastly, I would like to clarify again that we are not promoting Fast Rich Scheme or MLM Marketing! Do not worry. This is not a fraud.We will not trap you just for a few dollars. The amount charged is only for registration, assistance and materials (manual). Normally, it is offered for few hundred dollars. We offer it to you in a cheaper price because we want to promote this type of career system to Malaysians as well as Non-Malaysian. In fact, this system is yet to be known by most of the malaysian.

If you order now, you would be receiving: 

  • ADS Processor  Congratulations
  • ADS Processor  Vision Setting
  • ADS Processor  Manual Training
  • ADS Processor  Bonus 1
  • ADS Processor  Bonus 2
  • ADS Processor  Bonus 3
  • ADS Processor  Extra Bonus
  • ADS Processor  Work Secret

 If you are interested, please register to us by sending an email with your particulars as below:

Full Name
Current Job
Bank (Just write which bank) 
Email address that you'll be using in this job

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